I miss you and I don’t even know you 

Besides the images that flicker of your face

Besides the soft smiles that revel in their incompleteness 

I miss you even if I don’t know you 


So strange, so strange, so whole-fully strange 

No lifetime suits 

No measured time could be so appropriate 

Lives lived and days past could not adequately prove

That you were always there anyway 


I miss you despite not having yet known you 

Known all of you but knowing nothing yet of you

But time is irrelevant when there are stars you can see

And time is irrelevant when stars are closer than they appear to be


So strange are these glances 

These conversations that do not find their breaths 

If but the mind could read and breathe life into what courage lacks itself 

No walls, no barriers, and no shortfalls could lead astray what desire commands

And what inhibition forbids 


I miss you but I already know you 

You, who rest in the shadows

I, who treads along the fringes of its obscurity 

However deep its hue and crisp its edges

I cling onto the handholds I made myself in your figure 

And I myself bathe in my journey, my ascent 

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