what I learnt today /4/

In many aspects, today was a successful day. Also in many aspects, this day was a failure. Maybe this ultimately grants some sort of equilibrium that the universe aims to impose on everything, and maybe I just simply made these decisions and my subsequent consequences were just appropriate. No grand, universe-like intervention there.

Today, I learned that this way of reflecting my day is not constructive and puts too much pressure on myself. Right from the start of the day, I set myself with unreasonable expectations according to a line of reasoning that apparently governs what encompasses a “successful” day. It has taken me a while to realise that always expecting the most productivity, efficiency, and highest standards from myself almost always guarantees setting myself for failure each time. This is because there is a definitive point at which motivation is no longer motivation but rather regresses into a seemingly heavy task-turned-obligation. Might I add, an obligation particularly distasteful.

So the direct alternative ? There really isn’t one, I think. I guess the approach now is simply to stick to the smaller goals that are actually feasible and to stop imposing such direness in arbitrarily judging a day as successful or a failure. There’s absolutely no necessity doing so, and it would just simply otherwise impose pressure and stress that certainly worsens any situation rather than alleviate it.







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