what I learnt yesterday /3/

Yesterday had been a bit of struggle. The day-to-day basis had felt longer than usual. Perhaps it had been just because yesterday was Monday and Mondays are scientifically proven to feel longer than the rest of the days. But the day eventually ends and it feels nice to know that likewise will today’s struggle, no matter what.

Now today is the day of my second midterm for organic chemistry, so it had been appropriate that I was not in the best mood given that I had to occupy my time, mind, and work with mostly study. I’m glad that today is the day that most of that will end, at least until the final.

Yesterday, whilst all my frantic studying in an effort to try to get last minute details in order, I looked up trying to reorient myself back to earth. Coming to that tea bar was almost synonymous with me busting out that laptop or book and beginning mainly hours of work before I finally left. That place that had once been my favourite place to go to had slowly became the place I detested simply because of what association developed with it for me.

Realising this, yesterday I learnt that I have to be careful with the associations I develop with things because sometimes I am not always in control of my own perception. By this, I mean that often times my perception is too clouded for myself to even rely on. I cannot so easily be swayed by the thoughts and emotions in my head, because they are just that—they’re not reality; they’re not what’s actually happening. They are just things that are going on in my head.













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