these days still exist

So here I’ve stumbled in the school’s Starbucks, on Sunday. I don’t know why, but I had a sudden urge to just leave my dorm fairly late in the evening. I suppose I’m simply just loitering here because I walked in, stared at the menu and found nothing I wanted at 9:21 PM, figured that I should just sit down before one of the baristas asked me if I wanted any thing, and then scurried away  to a somewhat fairly-hidden table out of their view so that I wouldn’t raise much suspicion.

Today had been interesting in that I felt especially anxious than I usually do. I could start to feel the heavy breathing come back to life again when I walked in to the dining hall and was met with a such a large horde of people that I quickly made myself walk back out.

I don’t know why today; this was, I guess, just one of those inexplicably bad days that I just need to live through without questioning much about it at all. Though I had a difficult time trying to dispel all the thoughts running through my nervous limp head, I managed to facilitate more action, still. This is all a bit relieving because I feel somewhat at peace at the end of the day. This was the transition I didn’t foresee now that I’m sitting here in my hidden table at Starbucks with the 28th of February almost entirely behind me now.

I know that days will not always be like this one, so I wanted to spend the last moments of the this particular day recording what peace should feel like to me. To spend it recording the proof I need to know that days like these rare ones exist.





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