the space between

I haven’t really been inspired to write these past few months. I’ve mainly just been writing in my journal about ordinary life, the usual things I do, what has happened, nothing really too exciting to put onto here. Life back here in LA is hard to describe…it’s like everything is so familiar to me, but nothing will ever go back to the way that it was before I started university. There’s no more waking up at 7 ams or seeing my old friends everyday; high school is a thing of the past and that’s now a fact that remains completely bizarre to me. My new life is back in Providence, barely starting, and I feel like I’ve come back both to escape that new reality momentarily and witness everything else that is beginning to fade into the memories of my history.

Most of my close friends here are either off in some different country, or have began new lives of their own beyond our little Norwalk—with their new best friends, new friend groups and past selves also drifting  ever so further behind. I couldn’t help but to feel a little lonely once I realised that this was how it was going to be from now on. I don’t know, I mustn’t have known what to expect.

And just as fast as these first two months have drifted by, so do my trips to the Philippines and Korea approach. In one week, I’ll be on yet another plane headed back to the homeland and back to the place where my life history began. I’ll be completely on the opposite side of the world and that gives me some more relief. And excitement. I honestly think that these trips are long overdue. I’ve dreamed so long of getting the chance to explore at least some bits of this amazing world, and I’m just stunned in knowing that, in one week’s time, this will all begin to happen. And I hope that these journeys will continue life-long.

So my life is just pleasant for now; I’m riding on a wave.

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