word garbage, because writer’s block

I returned back to school thinking that it would all resume just like how it was two weeks ago, a completely innocent anticipation. I’m trying to come up with some central topic to discuss in this post; I’m sorry.

To be completely frank here, I’ve stumbled upon a massive writer’s block just when I have been feeling the urge to write in these last few days. I have been haunted by my thoughts and it frustrates me to the end that I cannot express them coherently. I feel that the best I can do right now is simply offer word garbage, and the fact that I admit this frustrates me even more so, because I know that won’t be anywhere near satisfied with my content and ultimately I can’t accept it.

Overbearing sadness, frustration, inferiority, alien, unaccepted, straggling, falling behind, alone, awkward, failing;

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