petite update: break

This last week had been my university’s spring break, and I stayed back here in Providence. It wasn’t so much my decision to stay put, but more so the fact that I didn’t really have many options concerning where I could go. For example, I would have liked to have gone back home to my family in Los Angeles, but obviously, financing that airfare trip back is a big problem. The actual spring break was also only a week long, so I viewed it as an unreasonable large expenditure that wasn’t worth it. I know that my parents would indeed have certainly paid for the trip had I asked them, but I really couldn’t ask them to chuck out so much money just because I’m feeling homesick. In my opinion, it really is simply too much to ask for, and I would have certainly felt guilty for my selfishness.

On the other hand, I have no family on this part of the United States, so there wasn’t anyone I could have visited, as opposed to many of the students here. I also don’t have many friends here with whom I’d have felt comfortable had I asked them if I could stay at their house for the week. I was close to staying at one of my friend’s house up in Vermont, who also happens to be my future room mate, but a combination of slight embarrassment/awkwardness/unfamiliarity eventually dissuaded me, and I found myself last Saturday night with the room to myself amid the silence of the empty rooms of the university, not that I actually minded the silence. On the contrary, actually.

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