crystal eyes

I recently listened to one of my favourite band’s new single that they just released on Monday. It’s titled “Crystals,” by Of Monsters and Men. I have been obsessed with the song ever since I first listened to it, and it’s really no surprise just because I LOVE Of Monsters and Men. Their previous album, My Head is an Animal, is one of those extremely rare albums in which I like EVERY single one of its songs—there isn’t one song that I even remotely dislike because I think that I could even bring myself to not like one of their songs.

I love this band for the reason that they can perfectly express my emotions through a song in a way that is nonetheless calming and refreshing—almost invigorating at times, even. Take for example, yesterday, when I had just finished my classes at Wilson Hall, and I was walking down the stairs to exit out of the back entrance. I almost seemed frantically trying to take out my earbuds because I wanted to put them on before I went outside (I hate having my hands exposed to the cold air). Right when I opened the door, I felt the first cold breeze slam my face just as the intense beat of “Crystals” began. It was almost an ephemeral experience. The song perfectly complimented what I had been lately feeling and its timing couldn’t have been any better.

Those few minutes felt like hours as I was walking down toward the quiet green. It felt invincible, the song. I felt invincible. I felt invincible, because I felt as though someone had finally understood what I’ve been going through and they were reassuring me that it would all eventually even out, as life tends to do. I smiled and I stared at something other than my shoes for that moment. What struck me the most was the realisation of how powerful it is when someone can put into words the struggles that you are going through, even if he or she hasn’t gone through something similar. Empathy is only half the story.

I wish, though, that college life would have been as easy as I had envisioned it being. I feel almost deceived that I anticipated so much, assumed so much, and brought myself to believe in things that I never should have taken as, in a sense, free. In other words, it isn’t what I expected ||

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