the taste of freedom taunts and mocks.

It seems to me that the closer I am getting to the end of my high school career, the more time slows down, and the more stronger my antipathy grows towards the spiteful institution. Or you could say that I’m just a jaded lad, to which, I would reply, “I certainly don’t doubt about that. Shoot me.”

I could go along to say that my experience in the school was a roller coaster, but (1) I hate clichés and (2) it isn’t an accurate description of my actual life in the school. If my experience at the school could be exemplified as a roller coaster, then the ride would simply be one long struggle up to the tip of a huge drop, but–plot twist here–once I actually got to the top of the ascent, I would be largely disappointed that the ride had broken down and I would be forced to be escorted down the same way I came up. For so long I had expected this chimerical experience to occur to me at some time during my years here. But the school has proven itself to be unrelentless in its capacity for absurdness, and the only thing that actually exceeded my expectations was, in turn, my capacity for disappointment. I would love to go into the details but I really don’t feel like reliving those moments.

Anyways, graduation’s in approximately less than a month, and I’m not entirely sure what to feel about it. I could feel proud that I have officially finished the mental institution or feel spiteful that I have to address all the losers who made high school a unfathomable hell as my responsibility of being the valedictorian. I don’t even understand why people make such a big deal of being the valedictorian at my school. In my perspective, a valedictorian at my school is just a euphemism for being “The King of Retards,” since a majority of the student population are such retards. I apologize for being not politically correct, but it’s late and I’m in a bad mood. This said, I don’t know whether I should feel more proud or insulted that I was chosen as the school’s “#1.”

I’ve decided to continue this post tomorrow. Bear with me for any change in tone.


I’m sitting in my statistics class surrounded by noise and occupied eyes. I can only imagine where some of these people will end up in the next few years, perphaps, the next few decades. It’s not that I hope that they will eventually live terrible lives, it’s just that I see them imposing such a future unto themselves. I think that I’ve finally figured out what is wrong with our millenial generation–a plague of pure apathy. Although I’m not one to criticize my own generation, but I can’t help but notice how self-absorbed and uncaring these people are towards their own lives. They carry the mantra proclaiming that they must always live in the moment, and that banner in and of itself is its own flaw. I know that everyone has their own flaws, but this seems to be the general one that everyone shares nowadays.

If I could flash-forward into the future, I would gladly do so just to figure out if I’d eventually feel vindicated about all my acuasations or if I’m just feeling especially bitter. Perhaps my worst fear would be finding myself in the futures that I have predicted for them, and them, in the future that I see for myself. That would be especially surprising, wouldn’t it? Knock on wood cue here.

These people expect so much when they deserve so little ||

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